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Our law firm has provided real estate and banking legal counsel for over 40 years. We have established relationships with area realtors and municipal officials, and we are familiar with local zoning and other legal requirements.

Protecting Your Rights In Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying your first home, selling your vacation home, or a business owner looking to purchase or rent commercial property, you must attend to a myriad of legal issues.

Questions may arise at any point. That is why we provide representation from the beginning of the process. For any proposed real estate transaction, we investigate potential title issues, review contractual terms and costs, and provide thorough due diligence. You need to know if there are judgments or liens against the property. We also recommend an independent inspection. If we discover variances, we may advise renegotiating the contract. We provide the peace of mind that comes from making an informed purchase or sale.

Providing Banking Counsel To Lenders

Banking law issues often go hand-in-hand with real estate transactions. We have substantial experience representing lenders in both residential and commercial real estate deals.

We provide lender representation from initial negotiations through escrow and closing, ensure that your contractual rights are protected. There are often instructions specific to each financial institution. We ensure that all required documentation is complete, which generally includes closing and title records, overseeing how the funds will be transferred, and financial background information about the parties.

Parties may disagree over the performance of duties under a financial contract, even after its terms have been executed. Those disagreements may escalate into breach of contract lawsuits or foreclosure actions. Fortunately, our attorneys also have the litigation experience to represent you through the resolution of the dispute.

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With offices located in Montgomery and Beacon, we are a convenient resource for banking and real estate transactions throughout New York's Hudson Valley. To schedule a consultation at our office in Montgomery, call 845-457-5332 or complete our online contact form.


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