Collection Attorneys Seeking to Recover Unpaid debts


The attorneys at Johnson Foley & Cirigliano, P.C. have a great deal of  experience representing individuals and businesses in commercial collection and judgment enforcement matters in state and federal courts throughout New York.

We work with our business and individual clients to collect on debts and judgments owed to them by:

  • Investigating the debtor's and their assets
  • obtaining judgments against the debtor's in court
  • Seizing debtor's assets and levying the debtor's wages
  • Pursuing fraudulent transfers to third parties, successor entities and their owners
  • "Piercing the corporate veil" by seeking to hold individual owners personally liable for the debts of the company

Attempting to collect your unpaid debts on your own can be an extremely difficult and often futile process. While no one can guarantee an outcome, you can be assured that the experienced lawyers at Johnson Foley & Cirigliano, P.C. will efficiently and effectively pursue every possible avenue to recover the money that is owed to you. 

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With offices located in Montgomery and Beacon, we are a convenient and trusted resource for assisting with collection of the debts owed to you. Call 845-457-5332 or contact us online to discuss the potential for obtaining a judgment against debtors, levying the debtor's assets,  and other avenues for enforcing a judgment in your favor. 


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